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Technically, the shape is a rhombic dodecahedron with a hexagon for a base; the geometry was specially designed by Orgusaar to create a space that was easily assembled out of identical elements. The rhombus serves as the repeated element and is used for all six walls and three roof pieces. Round windows are cut into three of the side walls and even the door has a quirky multi-faceted shape.

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Noa stably stands on just three foundation piers, which minimizes the impact on the ground and a deck bends up and around to access the space’s entrance. Inside, the space feels much larger due to the almost round walls and vaulted ceilings make it feel even roomier. The large portal windows give views of the surrounding landscape and let in loads of natural light. Additional modules can easily be attached together to create larger spaces or multi-room homes.

This 25 sq m (269 sq ft) shed was finished on the interior with limestone paste and bright yellow milk paint, while the exterior wood was soaked with iron-oxide to treat and grey the wood. Orgusaar builds these prefab kit homes using sustainably-harvested wood and packs all the materials for the walls, roof, floor and deck inside a container to be shipped to your location. Kits are sold for 12,000€ via Katus, but do not include shipping and transportation costs.

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Images ©Jaanus Orgusaar