While certain objects seem to be making big strides in sustainability, the humble cell phone is lagging a bit behind the curve – what with the lead, cadmium and other toxic chemicals, as well as the relentless consumption, upgrading and disposable on which the entire industry is based. But Nokia has recently launched a new, more environmentally friendly cellphone called the 3310 Evolve. The Evolve is a great example of a greener device, made from biomaterials and 60% recycled packaging. Right now these phones are only available in Europe (what Nokia – you don’t think there is a market for this in the US??), so if you want to check out this cute little eco phone in action, come by the Greener Gadgets Conference on February 1st! But don’t get too attached — we haven’t heard of any launch date set for the US yet.

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The 3310 Evolve boasts bio-covers/faceplates made from upwards of 50% renewable material. One of the other unique green features is the charger, which is Nokia’s most efficient, using 94% less energy than the Energy Star requirements.

Nokia as a company has shown real commitments to sustainability in the recent future- they were the first manufacturer to use alerts to tell users when their phones were charged (telling them to unplug their chargers- remaining plugged in after a full charge is a huge energy drain). They also launched a cell phone recycling program in New York, and they’re one of the sponsors of our Greener Gadgets Conference!

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