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Noriega Street Parklet is built in the shape of a parallelogram outside Devil’s Teeth Bakery on the north side of Noriega Street in the Outer Sunset District. The 45 deg angle provides an interesting opportunity to create useful and interactive spaces. The parklet is divided into two spaces to accommodate different kinds of user groups, i.e. dogs & children, young & old, quiet & loud, bikes & strollers. One space is open to the sidewalk, while the other is a bit more intimate. A setback of 3 feet from parking line boundaries also provides additional space on the outside of the park for more seating.

Matarozzi Pelsinger Design + Build designed and built the parklet for free for the community. Constructed at cost, the project is built from wood decking and concrete slabs over a slipsheet. Local residents and Devil’s Teeth Bakery patrons donated their time and money to plant succulents and grasses in the integrated planters. Completed this year, the Noriega Street Parklet is the recipient of an AIA SF Citation Award for 2012.

+ Matarozzi Pelsinger Design + Build

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