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Located in the South Lake Union neighborhood, Northeastern University’s satellite campus was designed to draw people in. Large floor-to-ceiling windows provide a connection with the interiors and the street enticing passersby to take notice. From inside, students can watch what’s going on in the streets and see across to Amazon’s headquarters. Daylighting fills these open spaces and reduces the need for artificial lighting during the day. Perkins+Will incorporated Northeastern’s signature red, white and black colors into the decor, which further helps brand the space.

The educational facility is has a small footprint and takes advantage of tall 18-ft ceilings with a mezzanine level for administration offices. The University further maximizes their small footprint with flexible and shared spaces. Through a creative lease agreement, the University shares a large multipurpose room with Institute for Systems Biology (ISB). During the day, the Institute uses the room for conferences and meetings and at night, the University uses it as a video-conference enabled classroom. Large HD interactive displays controlled by iPads are available for student use in the lounge area. Energy efficient lighting is coupled with other low energy systems. Eco-friendly materials like FSC-certified wood, low VOC finishes and recycled content materials are part of the plan to achieve LEED Platinum certification for interiors.

Northeastern University Seattle

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