Big game hunting is an atrociously cruel and unnecessary “sport” that doesn’t prove anything but hunters’ ability to shoot an innocent animal from a safe distance. In just the latest string of gross television episodes celebrating animal killing, National Riffle Association lobbyist Tony Makris took down a bull elephant as one of his biggest “trophies” yet on Under Wild Skies. Since airing on NBC Sports Network the video has spurred tons of Internet backlash.

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On the latest episode of the NRA-sponsored safari hunt, Makris and a fellow hunter spot a bull elephant minding its own business in a bush. They then take aim with their guns and Makris fires two rounds before quickly retreating to a bush when the elephant comes charging. After reloading, Makris shoots the elephant for the third time between the eyes, finally putting the tortured creature down.

In the video, Makris remarks on how the elephant “got a little cheeky” for rushing them. Standing with his new “trophy,” Makris says they snuck right into its “bedroom” to kill it. And in the following clip, while sipping from champagne glasses, Makris’ guide mentions the “special” act of bringing the elephant’s ivory back to camp.

How does Markis get way with this heinous act? According to a report by , the African government oversees controlled big game hunting in wildlife reserves specifically for rich safari hunters to help “fund broader conservation efforts.” In other words, the African government is sponsoring the killing of wild animals to save other wildlife. This isn’t the first legally questionable hunt that Makris has done – there are also prominent images of Makris kneeling over two lions on the program page. Hopefully this fiasco will lead the African government to end the program.

Via The Huffington Post

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