Swedish company Nudie Jeans recycled 2,700 pairs of their worn-out old jeans and used the material to build incredible furniture pieces and holiday gifts. Around 90 percent of every pair of denim jeans wasrecycledto make the rugs, camper seats and mats, all of which which used different parts of the original product.

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The In-and-Out Seam Camper Seats were naturally inspired by traditional designs. This foldable camper seatis braided by hand with a simple construction. Cleverly, it uses the inseam and outer seam of nine pairs of rigid Nudie Jeans, as well as one belt and one leather patch. The In-and-Out Seam Camper Seat can be used as a stool, but could be seen just as much as collectible piece — the company only produced 250 of them and each one is unique.

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The Swedish tansmatta — a traditional style of rag rug — is made from shredded pieces of the Nudie Jeans denim left over from making the In-and-Out Seam Camper Seats. Stor-Mats measure 240 x 170 centimeters, while Lil-Mats are smaller, measuring 140 x 70 centimeters. These three products combined are a perfect way of keeping that faithful pair of jeansthat are to old to be worn, but too loved to be thrown away. All items are available via the Nudie Jeans online store.

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