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Over the years, South LA has become a notoriously dangerous region of the city, with an extensive history of gang violence. Nuevo South, like the name says, looks to the future and is determined to help keep kids and youth off the streets and engage them in creative, team-building activities. The organization is dedicated to supporting entrepreneurial practices among the kids and teach them to participate in building the social fabric of their community, and their Big House serves as a safe place for youth in the surrounding area. Kids from the community can come here to take classes that will teach them useful skills such as photography, design, & coding.

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A couple of weeks ago, a team which included Nest employees, people from GOOD, and designer Casey Keasler spent a few days redesigning three rooms in the Big House to make it more hospitable and fun. They also replaced the only smoke alarm in the house with 10 Nest Protects, installed a Nest Learning Thermostat, and put together a small surveillance system as a safety precaution.

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