While overlooking the potential location of the Nunnmps office in the outskirts of Chicago, architects from Cheungvogl wanted to minimize the project’s footprint as much as possible and preserve the site’s natural state. Their solution was to take two thirds of the building and put it underground. As for the rest? Well, they decided to put it on stilts.

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The 50,000 square meter facility is a design and research studio. The strategic and sensitive areas of the building have been accomodated above ground. The shape, and location of the building, give it the impression of clouds floating above the tree line. The height also gives the benefit of a beautiful view of lake Michigan.

The remaining underground portion accomodates the reception area and administration office. The above ground area is then returned to the community as a large open and vegetated space. An elevator connects both areas in the building.

The Concept by Hong Kong-based Cheungvogl could be a fantastic addition to the chicago skyline. We look forward to seeing more work from them.

Via Arch Daily