Toronto-based RAW Design designed these colorful warming huts for ice skaters at the frozen Assiniboine River in Winnipeg. These fun sculptures called NUZZLES are made from foal bristles and can be serve as informal seating, glowing light sources, or act as standing spaces that help visitors warm up. The project was awarded first prize at the annual Winnipeg Warming Hut Competition.

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Nuzzles are made up of a multitude of insulatedfoam bristles radiating from its heated, lit core, and soft enough to allow visitors to nestle into their structure. The colorful tentacles and soft material are a perfect playground for kids-they can climb on the Nuzzles or play hide and seek. Geometrically, they are geodesic lattices of hollow aluminium tubing wrapped in a layer of foam bristles. The inner layer of still air increases heat capacity and keeps its users warm.

The project was declared winner of this year’s Warming Hut Competition, together with the Red Blanket proposal, which envisions warm blankets hung from the underside of one of the bridges crossing the Assiniboine or Red River.

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