Good news subway riders! The MTA is rolling out a series of high-tech, touch screen subway maps to make navigating the train system a bit less intimidating. No more awkwardly hovering over a stranger on the train to check out the subway map behind them or squinting your eyes trying to locate your stop on the graffiti-covered platform map. Control Group and CBS Outdoor will be adding the electronic kiosks to several stations to help keep passengers informed about service delays and outages (just expect a few ads thrown in between actual the actual information).

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Image via Control Group

A total of 90 of the 47-inch, app-driven kiosks will be installed at stations from Grand Central to Bedford and will be located near MTA agent booths in addition to being displayed on subway platforms.  The kiosks will be enclosed in stainless steel casings and will run MTA-approved apps to generate revenue. They will also be able to provide wifi and have the ability to determine how many people are in a given subway station at once.

The MTA previously installed 13 kiosks in September 2011 to test the new high-tech machines in a pilot program that proved successful. The initial kiosks were placed in high-traffic stations including Penn Station and Grand Central, as well as the subway stops at Bowling Green, Atlantic Ave-Barclays Center, and Jackson Heights-Roosevelt Ave. Exact dates for the roll out of the additional 77 kiosks have not been published.

“We are excited to be using digital signage to communicate with our customers, as we believe it will provide us with a more efficient communications channel that will also provide an additional stream of revenue,” said Paul J. Fleuranges, the MTA’s Senior Director of Corporate and Internal Communications, in a press release. “Digital Out of Home technology is an exciting industry and we’re looking forward to the benefits it will provide to us and our customers.”

Via Engadget