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While local workers enjoy outdoor lunches on the lush Bryant Park lawn, the green luxury building will over look them from its southwest corner. The state of the art building is slated to boast 470,000 square feet of boutique office space for the corporate elite.

The corner of the building facing Bryant Park will have a unique hourglass shape cut into the length of the façade, giving the tenants on the edge a personal view of the lawn directly below, and the structure a glassy gleam from afar. Floor to ceiling glazed glass curtains will flood each office suite with ample light, and give panoramic views of the park, the historic public library, and surrounding skyline.

Each floor will boast ten foot ceilings, and with LEED certification in mind, we wouldn’t be surprised if radiant floor heating was also a feature. Two outdoor terraces and a green roof will insulate the interior and bring a fusion of greenery from the park to the sky. Aside from offices, the ground floor will also host a boutique retail store.

The ambitious project will break ground later this year, with tenants moving in around late 2014.

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Via NY1