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Each of Jacobs’ carefully detailed dioramas is meticulously cut by hand with the fine sharpened end of an Exacto knife. No detail is spared, from vintage doorknobs to hardwood floors to tiny radiators, each object looks as though it was lifted from one of the historic apartments that dot Brooklyn. The rooms even have a view of the adjacent and familiar Gowanus Canal, visible through a set of windows that come complete with a New York staple – fire escape stairs.

In the gallery setting, Jacobs’ pieces appear as a white wall with circles of light glowing from them. Viewers needn’t squint to view the miniature splendor of each piece, as each is covered with a large magnifying lens, which gives a fish-eye effect and pulls even the dark corners of the room into view. While the viewing lenses measure around 5 inches in diameter, the rooms themselves are around 29 x 21 x 21 inches, officially making them the smallest apartments in Brooklyn!

The artist also creates elaborate miniature dioramas of gardens and lush fields to accompany the more urban apartment pieces.

Jacobs’ tiny apartments can be seen at Pierogi Gallery until July 29th.

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