Over the past few months, pieces of the One World Trade Center spire have been making their way across the Hudson River from Port Newark bit by bit. Yesterday, workers at the long-awaited skyscraper hoisted the first piece of the spire into place. Once completed, the slender structure will make One World Trade Center the tallest building in the Western Hemisphere.

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Once all of the pieces of the spire are assembled, they will soar 408 feet into the sky, bringing 1 WTC to a height of 1,776 feet.  Aside from enabling the building to a reach record-breaking heights, the spire will serve as a powerful broadcasting antenna.

Yesterday, construction workers used two over-sized cranes to lower the first spire section into its base on the One World Trade Center roof. The 70 ton base arrived last month, and will be joined by eighteen more pieces that will be stacked and secured into place over the next few months. According to the Port Authority, the spire will bring back Lower Manhattan television and radio broadcasting channels that were destroyed on September 11, 2001.

Construction of the 104-story skyscraper has stalled several times over the past year, but progress is back on track with an opening date of 2014. Initial tenants of the skyscraper will include Conde Nast, Vantone Holdings China Center and the governmental General Services Administration.

Via Wall Street Journal