tadao ando 152 elizabeth street condo units

The design is a long-awaited unveil from the world-renowned Pritzker-award-winning Japanese architect, and the early images show a stark and simple rectangular building composed mostly of concrete and glass. According the architecture firm, the building will be anything but boring and plain, though. The front vestibule will have a water wall, and guests will be welcomed to the lobby by “another design feature with atmospheric quality and elemental presence. Carved within the exterior concrete wall parallel to the East elevation of the lobby will be a dynamic fog and light installation that interacts with the natural environment.”

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The condos at 152 Elizabeth Street will also be home to one of the largest green walls in New York, measuring 55-feet-high and 99-feet-wide and spanning the entire southern façade. Landscaping firm M. Paul Friedberg and Partners will design the living wall.

The entire project is a collaboration composed of Ando’s design, development by Sumaida + Khurana, and interior design by Michael Gabellini of Gabellini Sheppard in partnership with Ando himself.

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