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We recently visited the locale, we must say that the DUMBO setup is pretty sweet. The gratis offer will continue for the next three Thursdays this month, and spots are filling up quick.

Loosecubes itself is a recently launched startup that is looking to capitalize on the increasingly popular co-working trend that seems to be sweeping all the boroughs. Thus far, the site has attracted everyone from writers to architects to photographers, and their goal has been to create a peer-to-peer environment where individuals in relevant industries can co-mingle, network and simply get out of their house or coffee shop. Loosecubes not only occupies public spaces, but invites members to open up their studios, spaces and even backyards to other Looscube members looking for a change of scenery.

If you’re looking to hit up this DUMBO spot, just keep in mind that you can’t just show up. You’ll have to request an invite from Loosecubes to use their services, and then your reserve a spot. However, there is plenty of room to just hang out with friends and nosh on the good eats on offer.

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