Occupy Madison, a non-profit organization from Wisconsin, has built a tiny house for the homeless using recycled and repurposed materials. The 96 square foot home was built in only two months for about $3,000 and it’s mounted on a trailer that can be parked on church property in Madison city. It has a bathroom, a kitchen equipped with a refrigerator and microwave, and it is heated by electricity and wood during the winter.

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The Madison tiny Houses are made from reclaimed lumber collected and salvaged across the city. The siding is made from discarded pallets, and the home comes fully furnished, complete with fixtures and kitchen counters made from repurposed materials.

Most of the Tiny House Project funding comes from community donations. After Madison city officials changed the zoning regulations in October 2013, it became possible to permanently park the tiny homes on church property. Occupy Madison is now reaching out to institutions to secure a more permanent site. The organization plans to create a small village on privately-owned land which would be exclusively reserved for these tiny homes.

The first house has been completed and a second one is currently being built with the help of its future occupant, Russell Albers. It is set to be ready in a month, after which time the Occupy Madison team of volunteers will start working on the next one.

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