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Officina Leonardo, Rome, Italy, green renovation, apartment transformation, wood siding, wood cladding, sliding doors, natural light, twin flats, mosaic floors, parquet floor

The architects divided the apartment into Unit A and Unit B and introduced a common entrance area. Each unit has its own kitchen, bathroom, bedroom and living area, but the visual continuity was established through the use of similar materials including parquet flooring, wood paneling, light cuts in the masonry and glass and opal color inserts in the furniture. A wooden sliding doorseparates the living area from the sleeping quarters; the panels can be moved to transform the sleeping area into a single large space.

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Thanks to the introduction of stone slates, mirrored cuts and black mosaic floors, the bathroom ended up resembling a cave. Flexible fixtures and furniture allows for rearrangements through which the shelves can become walls, etc. Unit B is dominated by a large, full-height wooden sliding door between the living and sleeping areas and matches the kitchen in material. Additional transparency and brightness was established by introducing iron inserts painted in anthracite gray, and cuts on the masonry made of opal glass. Mosaic cladding, wood, glass and mirrored surfaces create an interplay of textures and different levels of opacity.

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Photos by Luigi Filetici