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OFL’s vision for the new Silk Road is made up of two main elements: highly sustainable and habitable towers and a vast railway system. The towerswill be composed of three different types of skyscrapers that will be a median height of 400 meters tall. The second element, the railway system, will run along the traditional “Silk Road” as well as a new line of public transport with trains that travel on polarized gravitational fields.

In order to take advantage of the surface area of the SMRE, its skin will be composed of an innovative system made up of a titanium dioxide-based cement that will be able to significantly reduce atmospheric disturbance using a synthetic chlorophyll. The special substance will be able to generate a photocatalytic reaction that produces clean air – about 500 liters of oxygen a day for every 200 square meters of surface. In addition to the air purifying skin, an innovative system of piezoelectric panels will be integrated into the tracks of the rail system, capturing energy created by the movement of the trains and converting it into electricity.

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