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At 106 square meters the home packs an efficient living space, putting private spaces to the end and public spaces in the center. The design focuses in on the lower kitchen to create the home’s natural work flow. Small upper and lower gardens bookend the building, with the roof opening up for greenery.

The roof raises up from ground level to reduce the impact of seasonal weather— cold winds from the north and hot winds and rays from the south. Besides two small vertical windows cut into the roof, all the windows face a small inner courtyard. The resulting effect is that most daylight emanates from the core where the communal spaces have been placed.

The house is naturally cooled with prevailing air currents. The incoming air crosses a small pool at one end and the two small gardens at the other. The open core and louvered floors helps air move across the lower levels to those above in carefully designed channels, and the air is eventually exhausted at the upper inner courtyard. The lower floor also connects the two levels for the parents to communicate to the children above.

Katsutoshi Sasaki + Associates

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