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The 680-acre master plan envisions a new civic center located at the city’s main axis, which starts at Bogota’s historic downtown area and connects it to the airport and international gateway of Colombia. The new master plan shifts the downtown center planned between 1947 and 1951 by Le Corbusier. According to OMA, the new center will have a footprint equivalent to that of the National Mall in Washington DC, and will offer mixed use programs along with administrative and governmental functions.

The project was designed as an arc that connects the park, the university and Calle 26 (La Avenida El Dorado), which is part of Bogotá’s TransMilenio mass-transit system. The new axis is meant to create a unified system of greenery, infrastructure and program, avoiding segregation but still maintaining the distinctiveness of each area. It will have three districts: a zone dedicated to culture and recreation, an educational campus and an office zone.

+ OMA Office for Metropolitan Architecture