Last week we brought you luxurious, sustainable homes in the Hamptons, but this week we’re in search of quirky dome homes across the New York state—particularly those that you can actually spend a night or two in. First on our list is Kevin Shea’s Long Island’s Green Dome. This beauty is the world’s largest dome home measuring 70 feet in diameter and 45-feet-high, and is in fact so big that you could actually fit two standard-sized houses inside. This cool dome is both wind- and solar-powered and features an open-plan design with smaller spaces that can be open or closed to the interior space. The price? It could be yours for $1 million.

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Next we head to New Paltz for this UFO-esque home that—get this—rotates 360 degrees at the press of a button. The spinning feature isn’t just for kicks; it revolves in order to utilize passive solar energy. The home was constructed with organic materials like cedar, bamboo, and limestone, all of which are low-maintenance. If you love this home, you can buy it for under $1 million. Learn about the owner and the home here.

newfield new york, upstate new york, glamping, yurt, curcular home

Ever wanted to go glamping? Check out this cozy yurt 12 miles south of Ithaca in Newfield. Far away from the concrete jungle, this Mongolian-inspired home sits on 18 acres of fields, forests, and gorges. You can even rent it out for $200 a night.

kodama zomes, richie duncan, hanging dome, swinging dome

Okay, so these aren’t homes, but don’t they look like fun? These geodesic Kodama Zomes are designed by structural engineer Richie Duncan. Their swaying motion is supposed to help reduce tension and stress and improve overall body health. Each Zome is hand-built by craftspeople in Oregon and uses the latest 3D engineering software. Customers can choose the color and fabric of the cushions and mattress inside the Zome.

Which one of these domes would you want to make your home?

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