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The newest discerning tastemakers demanding modern furnishings are evidently the age-four-and-under set. Well, maybe more specifically, it is their parents. We’ve seen an explosion of well designed baby and child products lately from companies like Modern Seed, Speesees (which was highlighted in our Holiday Gift Guide,) for kids and even Design Within Reach. Finding a niche within this market is Ooba, with their line of gorgeous items from Scott Wilson’s Nest collection. As the premier piece, this bassinet has been forcefully making the rounds, turning heads.

Constructed with clean lines and simple materials, the bassinet beautifully embodies the best of minimalism. As stated on their site, the Nest collection was developed with an “understanding that modern design’s simple and minimalist characteristics are inherently child-like,” and should translate into “a new way of living with children.” New items will be available soon, so be sure to check back for updates.

Available in walnut or maple veneer, $500 at ooba.com.