Istanbul Disaster Prevention Centre, OODA, disaster proof design, istanbul, education centre, earthquake proof design

The Istanbul Metropolitan Municipality is actively working on a centre with adequate technology and facilities prepped against disaster (specifically earthquakes) and helps develop public consciousness surrounding disasters. The centre will host a variety of courses, congresses and seminars around disasters and simulation facilities inside will allow visitors to actually experience earthquakes, hurricanes, fire fighting, smoke, liquefaction, tsunamis, first aid and emergency communications. Visitors will also have the chance to make use of a planetarium, a library, and meeting halls.

OODA’s proposal calls for a large 3D cross building with 6 programmatic areas situated off the central lobby – the entrance, planetarium, library, training, simulation, conference area, and administration. The exterior is clad in a progressive concept with Arabic patterns that places the building within the local context and acts as a sun and rain screen. Natural daylighting filters through the gaps, while protecting the building from the elements and moderating the interior climate. The grounds surrounding the building are landscaped based on traditional Turkish patterns that provide connections to the surrounding city and organize the spaces. An underground parking garage sits below the curved park.

Serving as a new landmark for the city, the Istanbul Disaster Prevention and Education Centre is designed for both local residents and tourists. In the case of disaster, such as an earthquake or a flood, the facility is designed to withstand the traumatic forces. The building’s unique shape allows it to ride out the event unharmed and vibrations may result in the building finding a new stability. Residents of the area can then converge at the center post disaster for assistance.


Images ©OODA