A few years ago, the ancient wooden church of Valer, Norway caught fire and burnt to the ground. With the disappearance of the church, the town was left without a public meeting space or a monument to their community. To begin to filling the void, at the end of 2011 Valer decided to invite architects from all the world to design a new temple that could revive their religious community. One submission for the design came from OOIIO Architects. Designed to flip traditional church architecture on it’s side (literally!) OOIIO turned the swooping façade into the roof of the church. Used as both a space for contemplation, gathering, or as a vantage point in which to experience the church’s surroundings and its history, thanks to the expansive roof, guests can discover new views that look towards the forest, the city center and historic markers, such as the cemetery, the chapel, and the old church ruins. Inside, the temple interior is lit naturally and is open to its surroundings. The church is built from wood following local construction tradition.

+ OOIOO Architects

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