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By leaving the existing building alone, Arroyo has dramatically reduced the project’s carbon footprint, and it cost just one third of what a new build would have required. The cloud shell creates a more inviting space that serves a variety of vital public services, while the municipality’s commitment to transparency has resulted in an open plan defined by clusters of workspaces that can be reconfigured as the need arises. Many of the finishings are comprised of recycled materials or CNC-cut boards and energy efficiency is achieved in part by the “thermal onion.”

Outside, the building was revitalized with a fresh coat of paint on one side, and a bicycle parking area under a curious tree-like canopy. Just five minutes outside of the center of town, OostCampus is a landmark new building for the city located very close to Bruges which demonstrates an clear and uncompromising dedication to sustainable urban development.

+ Carolos Arroyo

Via Arch Daily

Photos © Miguel de Guzmán