The year 2020 stands out as the year of the pandemic, and inasmuch, many people took advantage of opportunities to follow their dreams. Barcelona brand Osokoa stands as an example of how passion and determination gave birth to a longstanding vision of producing a premium, organic clothing line for children.

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three kids wearing black and orange sweatshirts

The company describes itself as an “emotion brand”, a label it proudly wears in its gender-neutral clothing made from certified organic cotton. “Emotions and hopes go hand in hand. We make dreams in cotton, design smiles from the heart and bring together concepts in a way of dressing. Comfortable, quality, original, respectable, environmentally friendly and with a message!”

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kids wearing striped shirts and dresses
kid with ribbon that reads "Osokoa" wrapped around the kid's shoe

That message is positivity, and it’s a theme woven throughout the product messaging. Osokoa explained, “Our collections ‘Self Esteem’ and ‘Hope’ were inspired by vitality, good energies and changes in the world, with big plans and positivity for the future.” The company’s mission is to take pride in the products it sells, with attention to a selection of natural materials, sustainable manufacturing and long-lasting garments. “We try with all our heart to give the best of ourselves and for that reason we have the invaluable help of smiles, joy and enthusiasm!”

kids wearing black, white and orange hoodies and sweatpants
On the left, kids wearing graphic long-sleeve T-shirts. On the right, kids wearing orange, black and white striped overalls.

Let’s face it, the fashion world ranks near the top of the most damaging industries for the planet. Osokoa breaks away from the bad habits of fast fashion by starting with locally sourced, 100% organic, GOTS-certified cotton. It then relies on local, chemical-free manufacturing in the well-developed textile region in Barcelona. This minimizes transportation-related pollution and provides fair-trade jobs within the community. Osokoa also invests in ways to use minimal water and electricity in the process.

kids wearing jumpsuits with graphic of eyeballs on the front
kid wearing black and white hoodie

Each decision along the process leans into choices that are best for the environment, right down to careful selection of the cardboard and other packaging the company uses. Almost all the materials used by Osokoa are recycled and can be reused.

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Photography by Gabitorohh Gabito via Osokoa