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Rio Olympic Port, JDS Architects, NE Arquitetura, Rio de Janeiro, Olympics, green roofs, terraced green roofs

The proposed site for the Olympic Port occupies a number of large downtown blocks near the harbor of Rio de Janeiro. The project team sought with their proposal to create a new identity for the downtown area. Rather than focusing all the aesthetics and design on the interior, this project looks to the exterior as well by incorporating terraced green roofs on the towers. Although the interior layouts of the apartments are certainly important, the project is defined by a thousand parks, balconies, and plateaus of life and vitality.

The public parks and private terraces are used to encourage a social life in the city. At the same time the terraced effect of the residential towers steps back the building and helps them feel less massive, although they are still quite dense. Inspiration for the design came from towns like Santorini, where the cliffsides feature natural terraces and integrate shops, cafes and housing in the vertical spaces. JDS and NE Arquitetura hoped that their proposal would be able to bridge the gap between more natural spaces and the urban environment.

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