Currently solar-powered vehicles remain a distant dream for electric vehicle fans. One of the biggest hurdles is the fact that the current on-board solar panels don’t produce enough power to supply the needs of a standard EV – but the new P-Mob electric car prototype may change that. The P-Mob city car prototype is currently being developed by six European companies, and it has been awarded €2.8 million in funding.

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The new P-Mob electric car prototype does away with the need for extremely large solar panels and instead is able to charge its battery using an integrated system. The solar panels are able to give the two-seater P-Mob prototype enough power to travel up to 12 miles. The P-Mob prototype is powered by two electric motors and has a top speed up to 62 mph. The car’s photovoltaic panels minimize loss of energy caused by imperfect light conditions. If you need a longer range or if there isn’t enough sunlight, the P-Mob prototype also has a traditional battery that can be recharged with a regular electric supply like a standard EV.

While it may be a while until a small car like the P-Mob prototype becomes a reality, there are other ways to power your electric vehicle with solar panels. Many companies have partnered with automakers like Ford and Honda to provide access to house mounted solar panels that will provide energy that can easily be transferred to today’s electric vehicles.

Via: Tehran Times