One of the most historic sections of Romania will become the home of a brand-new biophilic design. Iasi, Romania, is full of historic buildings and beautiful monuments. The new Palas Residential will soon be mixed into the city center, standing with old churches and monuments that showcase the city’s long past.

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Exterior of Palas Residential with multiple stories

Several architectural firms submitted designs for the new development with UNStudio ultimately winning. The design is made to integrate into the existing urban landscape. In detail, there are three levels that make the structure look less massive. The first floor is called the horizon and connects the outside to a public space within the building. Greenery follows throughout the space, bringing in a biophilic design. The sky residences at the top are made with wood-clad slabs and folding glass in a layer that seems to levitate above a green area down below.

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Exterior with lush greenery throughout the floors

The surrounding history is equally included in the design. Meanwhile, multiple portals provide beautiful views of the monuments beyond the walls. Brick frames add distinctive detail that also honors the city’s historic past architecture.

Plants decorate the inside alongside white stairs and glass windows

According to Ben van Berkel, a member of the UNStudio team, “Our vision is to create a space that bridges time. Palas Residential is intended to be a contemporary environment that can host quality residential spaces and public facilities while being fully integrated into the context of the surroundings; an environment that generates its identity based on its historical framework, simultaneously becoming the new backdrop for the surrounding monuments and offering new angles and visibility perspectives for them.”

Another angle of inside the building with an open roof

Further, the design is meant to be fluid and allows movement between the building and the rest of the neighborhood. Energy management, circular design and a focus on humans were also core principles of the design.

Palas Residential is a beautiful blueprint for how new design can be integrated into communities that are built with historic inspiration. In a more sustainable world, old designs and new come together and exist in the same spaces. That’s what this place is all about.

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Images via UNStudio