Last summer, electronics giant Panasonic announced plans to completely reinvent itself and become the top green innovation company in the electronics industry. Now, the company is backing up its talk with actions, focusing its efforts on improving the efficiency of fuel cells. This week, Panasonic and Tokyo Gas announced the launch of their newest Ene-Farm home fuel cell, which owners can use to generate energy from their homes. The new fuel cell also achieves overall efficiency of 95% (LHV), making it the world’s most efficient fuel cell.

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The main difference between the latest version of the Ene-Farm fuel cell from previous models is that it is smaller. According to a press release, the required installation depth for the unit has been decreased from 900 mm to 750 mm, making it much easier to incorporate into the home. Additionally, the fuel cell’s backup heat source has been separated from the hot water unit, meaning that homeowners will be able to install the fuel in a wider variety of spaces.

Panasonic’s line of fuel cells has been on the market since 2009, and since they were first introduced about 21,000 total units have been installed throughout Japan. With the launch of the latest Ene-Farm fuel cell, the price has been adjusted as well. Whereas previous models sold for more than $30,000, the recommended price for latest Ene-Farm fuel cell is $22,600 (before installation) — still quite pricey, but an improvement.

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