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Located at the University of Milan’s Feeding New Ideas for the City exhibit, Sliding Nature is inspired by the harmony created when melding exterior and interior spaces. The traditional Japanese concept of sliding doors made out of paper or fabric allow homeowners to take advantage of optimal flexibility within the home.

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Completely free of restrictive doors, the sliding panels allow for a true open living concept, encouraging a pleasant atmosphere and healthy air circulation at every moment. As the stark white doors slide open, the interior lights up and simultaneously “communicates” with the  various LED’s “planted” in the surrounding lawn. Creating an ever-changing and dynamic atmosphere, the light-heavy installation is made even more dramatic against the backdrop of the university’s medieval architecture.

The architects explain that Sliding Nature is a living home that “breathes” as it bonds with its surrounding nature. Thanks to the moving doors, residents now have the flexibility to control their own living space, including creating different atmospheres using multiple lighting options. For Panasonic, Sliding Nature represents the company’s commitment to provide homes with a natural, healthy environment highlighted by energy efficient features such as low-power electronics and new renewable technology.

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Photography © SANTI CALECA