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Each of the eerie architectural sites epitomizes the horrific stories that transposed within. Hagan-Guirey carefully cut each of the iconic locations from one single sheet of A4 paper, turning a flat surface into a three dimensional work. During daylight, the sculptural buildings seem unimposing, and almost innocent in gleaming whites. But under darkness, Hagan-Guirey illuminates each work in haunting hues of blues and blood red. The shadows cast make the homes become ominous, their windows glowing suspiciously within, hinting at the evil narratives that have unfolded inside.

The infamous Overlook Hotel from Stephen King’s The Shining rises in front of a snow capped mountain. The windows of the empty hotel well light, while a stooped character trudges through the snow, ax in hand, in front of the property.  With only paper, scissors, and careful folding, Hagan-Guirey captures the frightening scene when Jack Torrance chases after Danny and Wendy through the blizzard outside the hotel.

The series also captures the homes from cult classics Amityville Horror, Rosemary’s Baby, Ghostbusters, House on Haunted Hill, Psycho, Dracula, The Haunting, Beetejuice and the Munsters. If you want to get in on the fun, you can get your own Horrorgami book from Paper Dandy with 20 scenes that you can cut and fold.

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