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Once notorious for its derelict factory buildings, Long Island City’s recent resurgence as a cultural destination has been supported by gentrification and economic investments such as the Paper Factory Hotel. The five-story hotel offers 122 rooms ranging from affordable bunk bed lodgings in shared dormitories to deluxe private suites. Carefully preserved machines are placed throughout the building to add to its industrial charm.

Unlike the typical sterile and impersonal hotel experience, the Paper Factory Hotel strives to imbue its visitors with a sense of the local community. According to their website, the hotel hopes to upend the standard hospitality paradigm by offering visitors a chance to connect with other “travelers, innovators, pioneers and non-conformists…so that you might perhaps motivate each other and restore innovation to all aspects of life.” The hotel has also hosted galleries and workshops in support of the local artists community.

The Paper Factory Hotel also has plans to open a restaurant, outdoor beer garden, and a spa in the near future.

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