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The new volume extends from the brick building like a transparent uneven box lined with glazed windows to deflect heat. In order to keep the children who attend nursery school there safe from direct sun rays, h2o designed a monochromatic exterior shade made from simple material. The gauzy fabric is stretched onto a folded metal framework that extends over entrances to create an awning that protects not only from sun, but from rain when entering or exiting the building.

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Atop the glassy extension, the existing building was given a doorway on the second floor, which opens onto a glassed-in terrace on the roof overlooking the courtyard. The added terrace also joins a glass fenced play area outside on the ground floor, which is accessible through the new addition.

Below, h2o extended the basement, refinishing the lower level to include a lounge, coat room and kitchen, which are partially lit by “skylights” that were installed in the floor of the courtyard. The nursery school’s extension has a small footprint, but creates new spaces both inside and out for children and teachers to enjoy.

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