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Dojos are spaces used for training, and this Dojo in Chile is used for meditation, yoga and group classes. Situated at the bottom of a 5,000-square-meter site, the building is tucked into a cluster of trees to provide protection and shade. A large overhanging roof protects the interior from too much direct light and louvers on the exterior provide even more shade. Sliding doors open or close depending on the temperature and need for privacy. A series of windows looks out into the woods and helps provide natural ventilation inside the neutral colored interior. The shaded porch space around the Dojo provides additional space for a variety of activities.

In addition to the Dojo, UMWELT + Lucía Cavecedo García also designed a Pergola below the volume of the pool to provide shade throughout the day. They also created a shade structure on the north side of the house that was specifically designed to eliminate glare and keep temperatures down. The design allows for the passage of light and air through angled louver angles calculated by solar maximum. These three interventions provide additional shade and comfort to the owners and let them have a greater connection with their land and nature.

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Images ©Lucía Cavecedo García