London-based designer Paul Cocksedge has transformed old vinyl records into ingenious low-tech amplifiers that give your smartphone’s volume a solid boost without the need for wires or electricity. This stylish pieces are made simply by heating and molding recycled 12” records into a sound-enhancing conic shape. Recently unveiled at London Design Festival 2011,the ‘Change the Record’ will turn your smartphone’s tiny speakers into a sweet sound system you can use to share your favorite tunes with others.

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We’ve shown you some original, low-tech smartphone amplifiers before, and they’ve taken various shapes using different kinds of materials like fast-growing bamboo, chunky wood and even other repurposed musical instruments. But we have to say we especially love ‘Change the Record’ for its unique retro aesthetic that pays homage to the old phonograph record player. Cheers for their clever design, which mixes the old and the very new in a classy way with low carbon impact.

+ Paul Cocksedge