Bike shops are usually hole in the wall places with rows of purpose-built bikes hooked up to bike racks. Not this one. Javier Maya’s Pave bicycle shop in Barcelona, which was designed by architect Joan Sandoval, has blurred the line between bike shop and art gallery by installing bikes in clean, back-lit displays in a modern shop with the look of a designer boutique.

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A collage of bike wheels adorns two walls flanking the entrance. The floor is a combination of sealed concrete and European-style paving stones. A sunken waiting room features reading material and a flat-screen TV. The walls are purple, even in the back, where wrenches are neatly hung above a steel workbench. In short, not what you would expect from a mean, green bike shop. What do you think of this new bike shop as boutique concept? Would you be more or less likely to shop in a store like Pave?

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