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The 76.1-meter tall structure was built as part of a two-story extension of the museum’s science center, providing an additional 1,400 square meters of exhibition space. Basing the design on a feasibility study by Frankfurt-based architecture firm Schneider+Schumacher, the designers decided to use the concrete building bellow as the foundation for the steelwork and create an elegant light-weight structurethat supports a helix-shaped membrane stretched over it. Thanks to the fact that the pendulum is suspended independently from the primary structure, vibrations produced by wind are unnoticeable in the interior. The structure itself consists of circular hollow tube sections welded together and were calculated through comprehensive 3D CAD analyses.

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The membrane has an appearance of lightness and is illuminated by different-colored LEDs. Its helix form consists of three structural components: membrane, three structural cables and anchoring rods with clamps. Inside, the 30-meter long pendulum creates an immersive experience that resembles an oversized kaleidoscope.

+ KKW Architekten

+ Beier+Wellach Projekte

Second photo by Carsten Krämer