PepsiCo is taking big steps toward using 100 percent renewable energy. The company announced that within the next 13 years, all of its operations in the United Kingdom and Ireland will be completely fossil fuel free. Currently 4 percent of PepsiCo UK’s energy and 17 percent of its electricity come from renewable resources, but a recently released sustainability report says that by 2023, all manufacturing and distribution will be powered by renewable energy.

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The company will replace its entire delivery fleet with the latest eco-friendly vehicles, and it aims to use zero water intake at its largest manufacturing facilities within 10 years. At four of its potato chip plants, it has already tested technology to recycle extracted potato water, and has cut water use at British factories by 13 percent per kg of production.

PepsiCo UK said it will achieve zero landfill waste across its supply chain within ten years, and it wants all of its product packaging to be renewable, recyclable or compostable by 2018 (last October, they began looking into making bags from potato peels). So far, nine of the company’s sites have already achieved zero landfill waste, cutting the total waste by 71 percent. On top of all that, the company is also working on halving its key growers’ agricultural carbon emissions by 2015.

PepsiCo UK is certainly making a lot of eco-promises, but with a solid sustainability record like theirs, we have faith that they’ll follow through. Now if they could only make their actual products a little healthier!

Via Environmental Leader