We included Perfect Organics in our recent Holiday Gift Guide for Her not only for their all-natural, so-good-you-could-eat-them body products, but more importantly for the company’s holistic green approach to business operations, production, and packaging. Many companies tout the green qualities of their products. But Perfect Organics values environmental responsibility at every level of the business- from their products’ ingredients to their waste-reducing packing techniques, the design of their Virginia headquarters office space, and the fixtures installed in their retail stores.

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The company was founded in 2003 by Debra Claire, a makeup artist frustrated by the lack of high-quality, pure, natural beauty products available to consumers. Since its inception, Perfect Organics has operated under a from-the-ground-up, back-to-basics mission statement, asserting that “there can be no long term health or beauty without clean air, soil, and water.”

At the most consumer-oriented level, Perfect Organics’ product line is made from only the highest quality, organic natural ingredients, and never include chemical additives, artificial ingredients, fillers or synthetic preservatives. Their Lip and Cheek Shimmer is currently the only organic AND vegan lip and cheek product on the market today. And despite the increased costs that go hand in hand with higher standards, Perfect Organics stands by their commitment to using only the best-quality and least environmentally-damaging ingredients.

Operationally, the company’s lab process is entirely eco-friendly. They use recyclable metal tubes for their lip and cheek shimmers instead of their wasteful single-use plastic counterparts, and their shipping operations are carbon neutral. Even their headquarters office outside of Washington D.C. is supremely green, integrating materials like bamboo and low-VOC paints, and using recycled boxes from nearby businesses for their product shipments. Perfect Organics also partners with a slew of non-profit organizations, including EarthEcho International and Children’s Health Environmental Coalition, with whom they are partnering to produce a line of baby skincare products.

We applaud Perfect Organics for their well-rounded and open-minded green business model. From product to production, here’s a company proving that at the end of the day, making good green choices is just good business.

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