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The Gates Foundation and the Wellcome Trust are forces for good in so many ways, so why are they still funding companies that invest in fossil fuel extraction? The Guardian is calling for the world’s two biggest charities to take their money out of fossil fuels. As Archbishop Desmond Tutu puts it: “People of conscience need to break their ties with corporations financing the injustice of climate change”. Now you can show these two key organisations we desperately need their leadership on climate change.

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The Guardian newspaper are behind a new campaign to alert the population to the fact we must leave fossil fuels in the ground to avert climate disaster. The news outlet has kept “the biggest story in the world” at the top of their agenda, and to mark Earth Day, Guardian headlines report that top scientists and economists are warning that 75 percent of known reserves must stay in the ground.

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If you’re reading this on Inhabitat, we know you’ll want to help make the Gates Foundation and Wellcome Trust sit up and take notice. We urge you to sign the petition, tweet and share this article!


Via The Guardian

Images via The Guardian and Hugh Warwick via 350.org