What material is 100% renewable, stronger than oak, and as pretty as bamboo? If you guessed Plyboo, you win an Inhabitat star. Plyboo, just as it sounds, is laminated bamboo plywood. Stronger and more durable than most hardwoods, yet lightweight and eco-friendly, ply bamboo is an ideal material for flooring, walls, and furniture.

We featured Plyboo on Inhabitat before in Redstr Collective’s Cha Furniture, and in Todd Laby’s Rhubarb Designs. However, we thought the material itself was so cool it deserved its own post.

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The term “Plyboo” was coined and trademarked Smith and Fong Company the leading producer of bamboo plywood. Founded in 1989 Smith & Fong are continuously working to improve and expand upon their Bamboo products. Happily for DIYers, they don’t just make wholesale products for the construction industry. For those handy folks out there interested in making their own designs, Bamboo plywood is readily available to consumers in standard plywood sizes.

Another company forging the way in bamboo products is the more recently established Silkroad, by K&M Bamboo Products. Along with their standard Bamboo plywood, they also offer Bamboo veneer.

Based on feedback from quite a few users, we’ve realized Plyboo is actually fairly expensive right now. We’re hoping that as the demand for it increases, it will be produced in larger quantities and the price will go down. Until then, however, be warned!

Links: + Plyboo.com + Silkroad