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Auxano Hydroponic Vegetable and Herb Grower, green design, eco-friendly product

Growing plants takes time and dedication. It requires balanced watering, enough sunlight and nutrients, not to mention space capacity. Auxano Vegetable and Herb Grower is compact, requires no soil or electricity, and explains Houiellebecq, uses the natural resource commonly ignored in many apartments: sunlight.

The product is versatile-the root cradle slides out of the top so all kinds of vegetables and herbs can be easily planted and harvested. The roots hang freely down from the cradle into the nutrient solution below. The bottom part, containing the nutrient reservoir that feeds the plant from underneath, can also be dismantled. In order to keep the nutrient solution aerated, the user can simply push the rubber pump at the bottom a few times and the oxygen is pumped into the nutrient tank through a one way valve system. This way there is no need for electricity, which makes the product eco-friendly.

Auxano Growers can be mounted both horizontally and vertically, creating small garden areas within the apartment. It helps preparing meals become not only a pleasant gastronomic experience but one that’s also visually engaging.

+ Philip Houiellebecq

Via Coroflot