Here at Inhabitat we’re always thrilled to share exciting new innovations in lighting from our friends at Philips. The company recently announced that this Thursday, August 8th, they will officially launch their newest product line, ‘Friends of Hue’.  As an extension of their existing product line ‘Philips Hue’, a lighting solution controlled by your smartphone, Friends of Hue includes two impressive designs that can be seamlessly integrated into the current system. The products, LivingColorsBloom and LightStrips, provide consumers with the ability to incorporate saturated colors into the way they design, moreover using LED technology to transform the way individuals experience light in their homes.

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The two products vary in shape and application to provide all Friends of Hue with a variety of options when lighting any space (especially when they are used together). LivingColorsBloom is a compact and portable lamp that can be placed in any location, making it easy to add colored accents throughout your home. LightStrips on the other hand are 6.6 ft sections of flexible lighting with an adhesive sticker lining the backside. The light strips can be easily attached to any shaped surface and were designed to provide indirect colored lighting to your living space.

The original Philips Hue system is accessed through a base station that controls up to 50 different lights. The system was designed to produce white light, while the LivingColorsBloom and LightStrips are meant to compliment the white lighting with a variety of colored accents. The addition of these new products, as well as the growing number of apps created to utilize the potential of the Hue system, also increase the number of ways we can entertain and experience music and video games.

Both the Philips Hue and the Friends of Hue product lines can be purchased at Apple Stores.