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Lake Bled is a popular spot for prime photography opportunities, with its images appearing on both postcards and posters, mostly from the vantage point of Ojstrica mountain. Krivec explains that these photos almost didn’t happen, due to the dicey weather conditions, yet that the unexpected fog proved to be an unusually pleasing sight. After a climb to the top of the mountain, the view was indeed striking.

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Krivec describes the fluidity of the fog being “like a painter would constantly change his mood,” providing changing perspectives, colors, and visibility. The flutter of photos portrays the stunning effects of this flux, as seen in the sun sweeping across the hillside. A cozy church is revealed as the mist parts. And the calm waters of the lake reflect the autumn hues of the surrounding forest.

Yes, soulful images such as these can be lost amid the omnipresence of tedious social media photos, so take a moment to enjoy the simplicity of this mountainside, this quiet town, and these serene waters.

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Images via Ales Krivec