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The house structure consists of prefabricated and cross-laminated timber panels (CLT), which made for a quick and efficient assembly process. The two-storey home has a modern yet rustic exterior, with an interior that is just as cozy and welcoming as any traditional mountain cabin. An open concept living area and dining room are located on the ground floor and the two bedrooms and bathroom are on the upper level. Wooden panelsline the interior walls, ceilings and floors throughout the house, while floor-to-ceiling rectangular and various circular windows were strategically placed around the cabin for optimal views of the surrounding forest.

As home owner and co-designer of the home, Mr. Batar has created a photography series about his new cabin where he records the daily relationship between the house and the forest, throughout every season. He explains that the home is much more than an architectural or photography project, but a sentimental result of two like minds coming together. “When two different ways of thinking meet, the result is something completely new,” said Turanyi. “Our conversations about art, architecture and design were brought to life in this house.”

Besides becoming an important source of inspiration for the photographer’s career, the design has also garnered much attention from the architectural world and was an international jury favorite for Hungary’s Media Architecture Prize 2013.

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Photos by Zsolt Batar