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We spoke to Gayle Zalduondo, who is one of the founders of Puck and Blossom, the company behind Cabin Fever. One of the coolest things she told us about the ZipCabin is that at just 120 sf, its a permit-exempt structure in most areas. Since one of the biggest headaches when putting up a backyard getaway, workstudio or guest bedroom is acquiring a permit, the fact that the ZipCabin doesn’t need one (in most cases) makes it really appealing.

The cabin comes with everything you need to set it up without a contractor (though a handy person or carpenter is recommended), and Gayle said that though they gave themselves 3 days to put up the cabin for the show, but it actually only ended up taking them a few hours. The integrated raised foundation with built-in covered deck is included and everything is packed flat, making it more eco-friendly to ship.

The ZipCabin’s large deck can be added on for an extra $4,000, and was the perfect place to showcase Puck and Blossom’s line of striking metal furniture. The versatile powder-coated pieces can be used both indoors or out, and are made of recyclable metals like aluminum, bronze and copper.

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