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According to LOT-EK, the Carroll House was erected from a stack of 21 shipping containers that was “then cut diagonally along both the top and bottom, creating a striking profile that invokes Williamsburg’s industrial past, while providing a sculptural nod to the rapidly changing neighborhood.” At 5,000 square feet, the townhouse will offer plenty of room for its inhabitants, and will even feature an enclosed courtyard and pool area. Even though slicing all 3 floors of the residence might seem like a waste of usable space, the daring design actually makes the home more livable by opening up the rear of each floor and bringing in light and air – undoubtedly a conscious choice to help minimize the feeling of living in a box. The angular design also creates opportunities for large outdoor decks and solar shading on every level.

From LOT-EK’s renderings, it looks like the final home will be painted a brownish color and the side of the home facing Richardson Street will only have a few, ultra-thin windows (which seems fine since the house’s open back will provide ample light). The completed residence will also have a private car garage located slightly below ground level.


Photos ©Yuka Yoneda