A picturesque lagoon in Buxton, England has been dyed black in an attempt to discourage swimmers who might be drawn in by its beauty, only to expose themselves to the dangerous chemicals, “car wrecks, dead animals, excrement [and] rubbish” it contains. The lagoon is a former quarry that still contains toxic residue—including bleach—from its industrial days.

Due to the industrial waste, the water at the quarry has a pH level of 11.3. However due to its inviting waters, people still swim there, accidentally exposing themselves to garbage, dead animals and chemical waste.

Speaking to BBC News, the High Peak Borough Council spokeswoman said the quarry contained vehicle parts, “all sorts of rubbish” and was also “extremely cold.”

Despite signs saying “Warning! Polluted water lagoon known to contain: Car wrecks; Dead animals; Excrement; Rubbish,” and “Warning! Do not enter water, due to high pH levels. This can cause: Skin and eye irritations; Stomach problems; Fungal infections such as thrush”, people have still been swimming – hence the council’s drastic measure.

In June 2013, black dye was poured into the water to lessen its appeal and so far, it has worked. Tourists have stopped swimming in it and according to local business owners, “(they no longer think) they’re on holiday in the Bahamas any more, they know they’re in Harpur Hill.”

Via BBC News

Image via Tevfik Teker/Wikimedia Commons