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Pieta-Linda Auttila, WISA Wooden Design Hotel, wood, Helsinki, steam bending, birch, pine, local wood, flow, curved wood, Architecture, Daylighting, Green Materials

The WISA Wooden Design Hotel is a small two-room structure connected by a semi-open courtyard that is surrounded by a curved trellis. The hotel sets an example of outstanding craftsmanship portraying wood’s versatility. While the interiors are light and waxed with natural oil, the exteriors are grey, thanks to a water-based treatment that mirrors the surrounding landscape.

The courtyard’s long curved boards show the lightness of the material of choice matching the pine floor and the ethereal beauty of Nordic birch on the walls and ceiling. Made from Finnish pine, spruce and birch, the hotel’s flowing curves were built using steam bending, which is a low-impact traditional technique for boat building. This pleasant temporary accommodation was the winner of a Wooden Design Workshop by UPM (one of the leading forest products companies in the world), and it was not designed for general hotel use.

+ Pieta-Linda Auttila

Via Arch Daily

Photos by Pieta-Linda Auttila